2 SAINTS TACTICAL is proud to introduce its first Everyday Carry collection ever.

We created a large set of products to make a good base for existing EDC kit or start a new one

George, Founder of 2 SAINTS

2saints Georges

2 SAINTS was founded by George, a young talented Franco-American multi-faceted artist, designer and artistic director by day and composer and musician by night.

Inspired by Daft Punk and Banksy, George decided to wear a mask when appearing in public to preserve his everyday life.

As the founder of 2 SAINTS, George says: “2 SAINTS is dedicated to my father who was a business entrepreneur and the drummer of a R’n’R Band. 2 SAINTS is also a mirror of myself: I am a designer by day and a musician by night. More widely, 2 SAINTS is for all the guys who have one passion in life – cars, music, arts, outdoor, animals – you name it – that did not, for some reason, turn out to be their professional activity.”

The best of two cultures

“I want to express the best of my dual culture: the French style and the American energy.”
With an American father and a French mother, George developed his dual culture as he spent his youth between Paris and New York City.
Thanks to his father, cars, mechanics and music are his true passions. His mother transmitted her love for painting and sculpture, with a strong preference for Arman and Cesar. All his work comes out directly from this dual heritage.

Today George is intensely inspired by the new masculinity of the New York underground community, proudly asserting traditional signs of virility and modern sensitivity.


2 Saints handmade operations

It will take 1-3 weeks to receive your 2 SAINTS creation after your order is received.
Each 2 SAINTS creation is handmade in our workshop in France. Quality is carefully controlled before we allow anything to be sent out to our customers.

All our rings are made especially to fit your finger perfectly, thanks to the precise measurements taken in our boutiques.

All 2 SAINTS creations can be diamond encrusted.
By special order only.

13 Demons

“My dream is to create an international group of artists to develop my future collections. This will be called the 13 demons.”

George loves working and exchanging new experiences with other artists and he wants 2 SAINTS to be at the service of these new designers.

All demons, selected by George, will be able to develop their own accessories within 2 SAINTS. Every demon will stay anonymous as long as she or he works with 2 SAINTS. Yet, at the end of his collaboration, every demon will be allowed to claim his experience with 2 SAINTS.”