2 SAINTS : Jewelry for men , skull jewelry


underlining of memento mori collection
skull and roses band lucky ring

Skull & Roses Band Lucky Ring
250 €

the survivor skull ring on toxic element

The Survivor Skull Ring
420 €

the knights of death leather bracelet

The Knights of Death Bracelet
From 290 €

the silver knuckles pendant with skulls

Silver Knuckles Pendant
250 €

the catacombs belt buckle made of yellow bronze

Catacombs Belt Buckle
From 390 €


The Memento Mori world features all the staples of a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle...
more infosThis is the place to look for rings from beyond the grave, including a skull ring, lucky ring and signet ring. The belt buckles could have been conceived in the catacombs and ooze testosterone. Fleurs de Lys grow in the Skull Pendants’ cemetery where the soundtrack is provided by wailing Gibsons or Stratocasters. The Skulls cufflinks (One skull, Diamond Skull, Heaven & Hell, etc.) ensure you and class will never be parted.

french flag meaning made in france


underlining of edc tactical collection
the catacombs whisky flask

Catacombs Whisky Flask
250 €

the kubotan impact tool with steampunkbead

Kubotan Impact Tool
190 €

the crow, flipper knife, placed on a tree bark

The Crow Knife
450 €

el napo skull, piemontais knife, placed on a tree bark

"EL NAPO" Skull Knife
350 €

the spartan bead, with camo desert paracord

The Spartan Bead
60 €


Our passion for outdoor living and Every Day Carry pursuits inspired us to create our first EDC Tactical collection...
more infosThe EDC tactical world is for enthusiasts who like excellent products with special finishing and unique style. Stylised paracord bracelets with ‘molon labe’ bronze plates for a rugged man who needs a tactical multitool piece with a unique touch. Customise your ‘el napo’ knife from the bottom of the handle to the tip of the blade. Personalise your ‘The Crow’ knife and give it a style that befits you.

french flag meaning made in france


underlining of smoking mates collection
the cigar stand ace of spades, with a cigar on it.

Cigar Stand Ace of Spades
240 €

the zippo cover lighter, two saints tactical, placed on a table with a glass of whiskey and a cigar

Two Saints Tactical Lighter
390 €

the catacombs cigar cutter, placed on a table with cigars

Catacombs Cigar Cutter
450 €

the gargoyle ashtray with a cigar on it

Gargoyle Ashtray
1600 €

the gear skull table lighter

Gear Skull Table Lighter
1900 €


The Smoking Mates world is aimed at people who enjoy cigars and sharing pleasant moments with friends...
more infosYou dreamt of it, 2 Saints made it. From cover lighters to cigar rests, cigar-cutters and ash trays, 2 SAINTS has deployed all its skill and excellence to create accessories for cigar-lovers. Your cigar time will become all the more satisfying when you see your friends marvel at your crow lighter, gear lighter, Steampunk Cigar Stand or your Art-Deco Cigar stand. And you can wow any cigar aficionado with a Gargoyle XL ashtray or Catacombs Cigar Cutter.

french flag meaning made in france


underlining of motor fans collection
the gear skull ring, version without jaws

The Gear Skull 2 Ring
590 €

the V8 racing motor bracelet, made of high quality leather

V8 Racing Bracelet
From 490 €

a ring representing the v-twin motor with a skull

V-twin skull ring
390 €

a ring representing the v8 racing motor

V8 Racing L Ring
390 €

cufflinks representing the flat six racing motor

Flat Six Racing Cufflinks
190 €


The Motor fans world is the go-to place for petrolheads and anyone who gets a kick out of fast and powerful vehicles...
more infosMade from silver or bronze, miniature Flat 6, V8 and V12 engines are modified to form sophisticated and precious rings. Or how about keenly detailed cufflinks to bring a touch of flair to a man’s shirt while revealing his love beautiful machines? Bracelets, on black or brown leather with red leather inner lining, turbocharge the whole range.

french flag meaning made in france