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  • First fifty super bundle
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  • 2Saints Zippo

    New Zippo lighter collection, coming soon...
    A new collection is born !

  • 2Saints Jason Skull

    Halloween Is Coming.
    Two Saints Tactical and 2Saints are proud to offer an exclusive and very limited opportunity to own our new 2017 Halloween Silver and Bronze Ring.

  • 2Saints Tactical collection Glassbreaker

    Our third 2 SAINTS tactical item with this handmade multitools glassbreaker.
    Fit easily in your pocket, great bronze skull decoration this multitools can help you in difficult situations.
    Amazing gifts for all !

  • 2Saints Tactical collection Head Multitool

    The coolest ever protective multitools by 2 SAINTS Tactical soon on Kickstarter.
    A must have at amazing price for all kickers.
    Amazing gifts for all.

  • 2Saints Tactical collection Moral Patch 2

    Another great gift for our Kickers.
    Hand made bronze Moral patch 2.
    Our Kickstarter is planned for June 27th.

  • 2Saints Tactical collection Short Slugger

    Our first reward product for our Kickers.
    Hand made bronze Short Slugger.
    A great key ring ideal as protection tool.
    Our Kickstarter is planned for June 27th.

  • 2Saints Tactical collection Moral Patch

    Another great gift for our Kickers.
    Hand made bronze Moral patch.
    Our Kickstarter is planned for June 27th.

  • 2Saints Kickstarter

    Official launch date of the 2 SAINTS Tactical collection on Kickstarter : June 27th...
    Follow us for amazing products and great rewards !

  • Baselworld, international horlogical show will take place from the 23 to 30 of March.
    A nice opportunity for 2SaintS and its team, to announce you the launch of a brand new range of watchs.
    The Gentleman Biker Watchs.

  • Unveiled at "Salon du 2 roues" show of Lyon, by The Royal Racer, the Flat-twin ring join the Highway Star collection.
    Inspired by the R90S, the design takes the key elements of this emblematic bike.
    Now available on the Eshop.

  • En route pour le Black Friday
    9 to 30 November
    20 % Off on the Rock & Skulls Collection

  • 2 Saints will be present in Tours for the American Tours Festival 2016 !

    Join us from July 1 to 3 to discover our universe and discover our new products.

  • Logo Wheel and Waves

    2 Saints will be at the Wheels and Waves 2016 Festival ( June 6-12, 2016 )
    Come and discover our new creations and share your passion with us.

  • Moteur V12

    Inspired by the famous Mauro Forghieri's Ferrari Tipo B12, the 312 engine was awarded with 37 victories and 3 World titles over 11 years (1970-1980).

  • Back with something new ! New silver bracelets. More details on each in our next posts. Take care guys !

  • May you stay forever passionate !

  • Xmas is coming, Santa is ready.

  • cendrier cheval 2 saints

    The Horse ashtray is an outstanding piece of art made from bronze and yellow gold plated

    This special accessory will be handmade exclusively for you. For special orders, please contact us.

  • 2 SAINTS now distributed at
    Passage Port
    Saint Tropez