7 merveilles Haute creation 2saints

Speed Machines

The Speed Machines Haute Création are masterpieces designed by 2 SAINTS representating the legendary engines of the 20th Century on earth, on seas and in the air.

briquet FLAT 6 motors S.T.Dupont By 2 Saints

FLAT 6 Lighter

briquet japan 4 INLINE

4 INLINE Lighter

briquet bateau double v12 st dupont by 2saints


Briquet v Twin 2 saints s t dupont

V-TWIN Lighter

Briquet moteur avion 2 saints S.T. Dupont


2saints st dupont briquet V8

V8 Lighter

2 saints V12 briquet

V12 Lighter

stylo v twin 2 saints dupont

Pen V-Twin 2 Saints

The V-Twin Haute Création Pen is a genuine Neo-Classique S.T.Dupont Pen and is inspired by the legendary Harley Davidson's engine.

A masterpiece limited to 88 pieces by special order only.

avion star engine plan dupont 2 saints

Star Engine Plane Pen

The Star Engine Plane Pen is an incredible piece of art based on a genuine S.T.Dupont Neo-Classique Pen.

It represents the most emblematic engine of the aeronautical history : the Star Engine set on the famous Chance Vought F4U Corsair, the American fighter aircraft that saw service primarily in World War II.

By special order only. Limited to 88 pieces.

stylo V8 dupont 2 saints

V8 Pen